Image of Everyday Dollars CD — Before The Supply

Everyday Dollars CD — Before The Supply


Everyday Dollars CD — Before The Supply - CD
Includes the “Bumps, Bruises & Ballantine” demo plus a Necros cover and a live at CB’s track as bonus material.

Darkside NYC’s singer on drums.
The Uprise’s drummer on vocals. (Oi!)

Not as odd as you may think hahaha
This was such a fun fucking band. Nobody gave a FUCK about anything.
Most rehearsals ended up at The Wakamba Lounge. 😈👹
We recorded 2 albums. Mastered both. Never even felt like putting out the 2nd one.
Actually, some of them didn’t give a fuck. So I DROPPED them from the label, hahaha

A horrible band to be in actually.
Unless you were Rob.
Rob partied the most.
Poor Sean $ had to round all of us up after gigs and always the driver.
Only occasionally the SKREWdriver. HAHA
It’s late. I’m getting hammered.
Probably get asked to change this tomorrow.
Quick — screenshot it. Blame us for everything bad.

Currently negotiating a proper release of the 2nd album “The Age Of Demand” with Rob and Sean.
Maybe after they see this description, I can just forget it though. 🤫😱

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1 Supply And Demand
2 Kids With A Cause
3 Relapse Waiting to Happen
4 Bad Things
5 Nothing is Missed
6 Ball of Flames
7 Now It's Time
8 No More Favors [Brickhouse cover]
9 Back In The Day [The Uprise cover]
10 Youth Fight (Demo)
11 Friends Fights & Fun [The Uprise cover] (Demo)
12 Now It's Time (Demo)
13 Back In The Day (Demo)
14 Search for Fame [Necros cover] (Demo)
15 Youth Fight (Live at CBGB)

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