Image of Darkside NYC wool winter skully

Darkside NYC wool winter skully

$15.00 — On sale

DNYC wool skully with classic “D” embroidered on front.
No stupid flap.
One size fits all.
Black with white stitching.
Net weight: 2 oz.

AVAILABLE STOCK (as of February 24, 2024):

10 left


Shipping throughout the USA is now priced via “zones”. We are based in NYC. Your “zone” for shipping purposes is your distance in miles “as the crow flies” from us:
Zone 1 - 0-50 miles (includes NYC and immediate vicinity)
Zone 2 - 51-150 miles (includes Philadelphia, Albany)
Zone 3 - 151-300 miles (includes Boston, Washington, DC)
Zone 4 - 301-600 miles (includes Detroit, Cleveland, Charlotte)
Zone 5 - 601-1,000 miles (includes Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville)
Zone 6 - 1,001-1,400 miles (includes Kansas City, Minneapolis)
Zone 7 - 1,401-1,800 miles (includes Austin, Denver)
Zone 8 - 1,800+ miles (West Coast)

(We gain a buck or two on Zones 1-3 and lose a few on Zone 8.)

Packages are shipped First Class Mail up to 13 oz. (single shirts or 1 hat + 1 CD)
Heavier packages are shipped Priority Mail.


Shipping internationally is based on weight. While it is possible to ship a single S or M shirt to Canada/Japan/Europe for under 8 oz., most packages of 1-3 shirts end up being 9-32 oz. Packages of 4-6 shirts end up in the range of 33-48 oz.

USPS prices as of 2021:
Shipping to Canada: $14.25 (under 8 oz.) / $21.25 (9-32oz.) / $33.00 (33-48 oz.)
Shipping to Japan: $15.75 (under 8 oz.) / $28.75 (9-32oz.) / $45.50 (33-48 oz.)
Shipping to Europe: $15.25 (under 8 oz.) / $25.50 (9-32oz.) / $41.50 (33-48 oz.)

We therefore encourage bundling orders to avoid overpaying shipping on a single item. (Paying $26 shipping for 3 shirts is only $9 each—way better than paying $26 for just one!). While we’ve enabled the shop to accept international orders, please refer to the guide above. We reserve the right to cancel any order that exceeds our ability to reasonably fulfill it. (For instance, ordering 10-20-30 shirts for the base shipping price only.)

Image of Darkside NYC wool winter skully Image of Darkside NYC wool winter skully Image of Darkside NYC wool winter skully
Image of Darkside NYC hat (snapback) Image of Darkside NYC hat (snapback)
Darkside NYC hat (snapback)
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