Image of Darkside NYC Hoodie — Pendulum

Darkside NYC Hoodie — Pendulum

$30.00 — On sale

Gildan Heavy Blend
50% Cotton / 50% Polyester
Double-sided / 4 screens.
DNYC logo with swinging pendulum on front.
"Optimism Is Self-Deception" letters across the back.

Net weight: M = approx 16 oz; 3X = approx 24 oz.

Sizes M - 3XL
Limited options remaining

AVAILABLE STOCK (as of June 15, 2024):

3X — 1 left in BLACK

2X — 1 left in MAROON
2X — 1 left in FOREST

L — 1 left in NAVY
L — 2 left in FOREST

M — 1 left in NAVY


Shipping throughout the USA is now priced via “zones”. We are based in NYC. Your “zone” for shipping purposes is your distance in miles “as the crow flies” from us:
Zone 1 - 0-50 miles (includes NYC and immediate vicinity)
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Our baseline shipping cost is based on an XL going to Zone 4, so we gain a buck or two on Zones 1-3 and lose a few on Zone 8. (See how many bands or shops charge the highest zone!)These are too heavy for First Class. Priority Mail is the only option.


We have had to eliminate this option as the cost is impossible to determine broadly. We don’t want to keep eating unpredictable amounts and we don’t want to overcharge anyone.

If you are outside the USA, please contact us at [email protected] and we will calculate the shipping cost based on the weight of your total order and your country on a case by case basis. If you agree, we will “turn on” the option with the actual shipping figured out and you can proceed with your payment.